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Becoming the World Leader
in the Non-Ferrous Metals Industry

President and Representative Director
Akira Nozaki

What kind of company is Sumitomo Metal Mining?

Sumitomo Metal Mining is a company that carries on the original business of the Sumitomo Group, which has over 430 years of history since its founding.
We support society by providing to the market a stable supply of high-quality non-ferrous metals products through our unique business model that features organic collaboration among three businesses with a focus on copper, gold, and nickel. These are our resource business in which we develop and operate mines, our smelting and refining business in which we produce high-quality metals from mineral ore, and our materials business in which we give new value to the materials we produce.

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What about growth strategy and performance?

At Sumitomo Metal Mining, we are working towards our long-term vision of 鈥淏ecoming the World Leader in the Non-Ferrous Metals industry, and as well as strive to resolve social issues faced through our business, we are also working to implement our business strategy and strengthen our business base to maximize our corporate value.

What about dividend policy, shareholder returns and communication with shareholders?

At Sumitomo Metal Mining, we consider the appropriate return of profits to our shareholders to be one of our top management priorities. We also place great importance on timely and appropriate information disclosure with shareholders and investors, and on providing opportunities for communication.

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