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Sumitomo Metal Mining develops and produces battery materials, such as cathode material for rechargeable batteries that is anticipated to see increasing demand going forward due to the electrification of automobiles, and advanced materials that are mainly used in the fields of energy and the environment and information communication

Strengths of Sumitomo Metal Mining’s materials business

Strength 1
Top manufacturer of cathode material for rechargeable batteries

With our high market share, Sumitomo Metal Mining is a top producer of cathode material for secondary batteries used in products such as electric vehicles, for which an increase in demand is anticipated going forward. We have a comprehensive supply chain, and a globally unique original business model based on collaboration among our three businesses. We shall continue to leverage the strengths of the collaboration among our three businesses, and aim for further growth in our battery materials business.

Strength 2
A suite of advanced materials products that support the development of society

Digitalization is proceeding apace through IoT and increasing need of CASE in automobiles, and technological innovation and energy conversion are required in order to realize a de-carbonized society for environment protection. In the cutting-edge industries that must solve these problems we face as a society, the role played by advanced materials is becoming more and more significant every day. Sumitomo Metal Mining supports technological innovation by providing advanced material that fit with the flow of the times.

Strength 3
Metal knowledge and technology built up throughout our history

Our knowledge covers the characteristics of metal. We leverage this knowledge to undertake initiatives that unleash the latent potential of non-ferrous metals through the application of our cutting-edge smelting and refining technology, which we have developed over the generations since the founding of Sumitomo Metal Mining’s, to the development of metal materials. We contribute to the development of society by giving new functions to metal materials.

Sumitomo Metal Mining’s products in everyday life

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Material Products

We leverage the characteristics of metals to supply materials that are used in a range of fields.