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With the experience we have built up over more than 300 years of mine development and operation, Sumitomo Metal Mining runs the Hishikari Mine (The largest gold mine in Japan to continue operating on a commercial scale) while also participating in the development and operation of mines in various locations around the world and undertaking projects in a range of different countries in pursuit of top-class mines for securing resources.

Strengths of Sumitomo Metal Mining鈥檚 mineral resources business

Strength 1
Experience gained through an unbroken history of
mine development and operation

Since the opening of the Besshi Copper Mine, Sumitomo Metal Mining has built up a wealth of experience through more than 300 years of operations at mines including the Hishikari Mine and overseas mines. We develop mining human resources with the skills and knowledge for exploration, development and operation utilizing Hishikari Mine in Japan as our training base for mining engineers while also dispatching engineers to overseas mines we hold a stakes in.

Strength 2
Ownership in world鈥檚 top-class mines

Sumitomo Metal Mining鈥檚 Hishikari Mine boasts a world-class ore grade and plentiful reserves, and contributes to long-term, stable business with its high profitability. The relationships of trust we have built up with our partners over many years and mineral processing technology that contributes to mine operation, at the same time our robust financial structure, enables us to participate operations in top-class mines.

Strength 3
Co-existence and co-prosperity with local communities,
and responsible environment management

For mine development, it is essential to obtain a social license to operate from the communities around the mine. Since its establishment, Sumitomo Metal Mining has built up a relationship of trust with communities through contributing to build infrastructure such as schools and hospitals. We have also undertaken massive reforestation work to restore the forest that disappeared due to operations at the Besshi Copper Mine to its current rich, verdant state. The mindset behind these environmental preservation activities has also been carried on at overseas bases in a variety of fields.

Sumitomo Metal Mining鈥檚 resources business in pictures

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Hishikari Mine

The Hishikari Mine, which is 100% owned by Sumitomo Metal Mining, has stably produced high-grade gold ore since its operation began in 1985. It is The largest gold mine in Japan that produces gold on a commercial scale.