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- Renewed Challenge for Change -

I鈥檇 first like to thank your for visiting our homepage.
The Sumitomo Metal Mining Group is heir to the original Sumitomo business that started in 1590 from copper smelting and refining and as a resource business in 1691 with the Besshi Copper Mine. We鈥檝e kept up with the constantly changing needs of society and we鈥檝e supported the development of both industry and society through offering materials.

Today, our group is able to offer highly advanced materials through the securement of non-ferrous metal resources based on collaboration among our three business areas of mineral resources, smelting and refining, and materials. Moreover, even globally we have a very unique business model.
Non-ferrous metals like copper and nickel are used in a number of fields in society, such as infrastructure, industrial machinery, construction materials and automobiles. These are materials that are essential to our lives. Additionally, we think that demand is only going to grow for the battery materials and advanced materials that support the electrification of cars, the increasing of speed and capacity of telecommunications and of the advancement of a digital society. We鈥檙e going to continue to offer materials that support the development of society.

Currently, social conditions and the natural environment are changing, and technological innovation is progressing rapidly. Additionally, societal demands towards business activities are rapidly diversifying and growing in complexity, focused on factors such as increased awareness regarding sustainability in society and the environment, respect for human rights, and thorough health and safety measures. We drafted our Vision for 2030 towards the realization of our long-term vision of becoming the world leader in the non-ferrous metals industry. In grappling with the 11 material issues raised in that vision, we鈥檙e not satisfied with simply meeting the increasingly diversified and complex demands of society; we鈥檙e looking at those changes as business opportunities and approaching them as means of new value creation.

We set the theme of our 2021 3-Year 婷婷中文视频在线 Plan (Applicable period: FY2022 to FY2024), to 鈥淩enewed Challenge for Change鈥, and drafted a plan that will allow us to push towards the realization of sustainable growth while steadfastly meeting the societal demands facing our company, such as carbon neutrality, digital transformation and HR strategy.

Towards our Vision for 2030, we鈥檒l fulfil our societal responsibilities as a manufacturing enterprise and make contributions to the realization of a sustainable society and environment through resolutely engaging in the four challenges brought up in our 2021 3-Year 婷婷中文视频在线 Plan.

Moving forward, we hope to receive your continued support and understanding.

Akira Nozaki
Akira Nozaki
President and Representative Director
April 1, 2022